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The Robinson Heat Exchanger Hinge

The Robinson Heat Exchanger Hinge

Not just for heat exchangers!

The hinge can be used on chillers, condensers, boilers, pressure vessels, manways, and all other access covers. The Robinson Heat Exchanger Hinge is bolted on for temporary or permanent use. The Robinson Hinge simplifies opening and closing covers in areas where rigging is difficult, and/or areas where cranes and other devices are necessary. There is no longer a need to completely remove, lower, or lay down the cover when performing maintenance. The standard hinge is available for 10" - 70" DIA covers, larger models are also available. After the hinge is installed it will fully support the cover/bonnet, allowing it to swing open like a door saving time and money. Patented


  • Chiller and condenser covers and bonnets
  • Heat exchanger covers and bonnets
  • Elevated surface condensers
  • TEMA heat exchanger channel covers and bonnets
  • Pressure vessel and equipment access covers
  • General access covers
  • ASME flanges
  • Manways
    •  API manways
    •  Pressure vessel manways
    •  Atmospheric tanks and vessel manways


  • Save time and money
  • Reduce down time
  • Increase safety
  • No welding
  • No recertification required
  • No rigging needed
  • 1 person can Install and operate in under 10 minutes
  • Compliant with ANSI and AWWA flange & cover mating standards
  • Permanent Hinge kit available (optional)
  • Cover swings open to the right OR left