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About us

Thank you for selecting John R. Robinson, Inc. as your supplier of maintenance and outage equipment. Since our founding in 1907 by John R. Robinson, the Company has earned a reputation for quality and reliable condenser and heat exchanger tools. Over the years we have grown to better provide our customers with a full range of tube tools. We have expanded to serve not only heat exchangers and condensers but boilers, chillers, feedwater heaters, oil lube coolers, and more. We can supply the industry with tools for any project; leak detection, plugging, cleaning, installation, re-tubing, and expanding. There is no need to look any further than us. With such a wide range of products in stock and sizes available we can supply you what you need when you need it.

If our standard products don't meet your needs, we can modify a catalog item or produce a custom product to your specifications. For years, we have been customizing parts and fulfilling special requests. We are able to customize most tools to suit customers’ needs at a reasonable price and lead time.We take great pride in upholding the highest industry standards and offer only the finest products. Our commitment to quality and service is known throughout the world.

You, our customer, are our most important asset. We work hard to get you what you need when you need it. Can’t find a size or unsure if a tool is right for your application, John R. Robinson, Inc. is here to help. Give us a call or send us an email and our experienced personnel will be able to give you the best options for your application. Our extensive industry knowledge and innovation allows us to find solutions to the toughest and most unique situations.