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Our new 2 in 1 descaler, composed of a pre-soak formula to loosen deposits and an industrial strength descaler, is specifically formulated to dissolve calcium carbonate, lime, rust, and other water formed deposits found in all types of water operated heat transfer or cooling equipment. Use of the descaler immediately increases unit performance and heat transfer. No run time is lost as the solution has the ability to dissolve deposits from (some) equipment while in operation and without shutdown. This descaler does not require the addition of any neutralizers and may be disposed of down regular sewer drains with a water flush.

Our descaler does not corrode, erode, attack, pit, oxidize or have other harmful affects on most metals found in heat exchangers, chillers, and boilers when used as directed.

Some Benefits of the Descaler:
•  Biodegradable
•  Non-toxic
•  Non-corrosive
•  Non-flammable
•  Non-injurious
•  Can be held safely in the open hand
•  No unpleasant odor in its packaged form
•  Most cleanings accomplished in 2-4 hours

Descaler available in:
•   5 Gallon Jug
•   6 Gallon Cases
•   30 Gallon Container
•   55 Gallon Container
•   275 Gallon Container