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GC11 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun (Air & Water)

GC11 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun (Air & Water)

ROBINSON combination air and water cleaning gun is light weight and easy to use. The GC11 tube cleaning gun cleans condenser or heat exchanger tubes in seconds and is the personal choice of many contractors and plants. One squeeze of the trigger allows water to lubricate the tube and brush. A further squeeze of the trigger propels the brush through the tube. The GC11 gun comes complete with tapered nozzle and safety splash shield.


  • Heavy duty gun.

  • Simple to use.

  • Able to reach all tubes.

  • High water and air flow

  • Easy replacement of worn parts.

  • Palm trigger reduces operator fatigue


ROBINSON’s GC11 cleaning gun can be purchased separately or as part of a cleaning system.

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