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J500 Tube Cleaning Drill

The J500 is great for cleaning/removing medium to hard scale deposits in straight tubes with heat exchangers and oil coolers.

The J500 kit consists of a portable air motor, rigid hollow shafts (extensible up to 12' using couplings), and cleaning heads (drill/cutter/brushes). A jet of water flows through the hollow shaft, cleaning any loose scale while cooling the drill or cutter head, which removes debris and unclogs the ID of the tubes.


Tube Size

1/4" - 1" 

(6.35 - 25.4mm)

Motor Power 0.6 hp
Speed 700 rpm
Air Supply

Min 60 psi @ 16cfm

Max 90 psi @ 16 cfm

Water Supply

Min 30 psi

Max 100 psi

 Weight 5.72 lbs   (2.6 Kg)