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JR3800R Tube Cleaner

The JOHN R. ROBINSON, INC. JR3800 Series electric tube cleaners make tube cleaning a safe and simple one man job. While a tool rotates through the tube, driven by a flexible shaft, water assists by flushing out loosened deposits in the tube. Tubes are left clean and free of energy robbing build-ups of scale, algae, mud, etc.


The JR3800R tube cleaning machine has variable speed, is reversible and has a reversible foot control. The forward and reversing motion permits clockwise rotation when entering tubes and counter clock-wise rotation for exiting tubes. The D.C. motor is combined with a solid state speed control, allowing the operator to select rotation speeds from 0 to 1800 rpm with a constant torque. The operator can handle the shaft and tools at a safe and comfortable speed for the condition of the tube being cleaned.

Also available in 220V, 50Hz 

Flexible Shaft Speed 0 to 1800 RPM
Tube Capacity 1/4" - 1-1/2" OD Tubes
Motor Power (50 Hz Motor Available) 1/2 HP . 6 AMPS – Rectified D.C. Motor
60 Hz, 115 Volts
Input Water Garden Hose
Unit Dimensions (L X W X H) 17” x 11” x 9”
Unit Weight (Excludes Shafts) 35 Lbs
Overall Shipping Dimensions (L X W X H) 23” x 12” x 11”
Overall Shipping Weight (Excludes Hoses) 40 Lbs