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Rubber Sponge Balls

Rubber Sponge Balls

Rubber sponge balls are engineered for the best efficiency possible for different condenser tube cleaning systems or use with U-tube cleaning in heat exchanger systems. Rubber sponge balls have many additional applications than these two common uses. Robinson offers a standard sponge ball, and two abrasive sponge balls; a ring coated carborundum ball, and a totally coated carborundum sponge ball.

  • The standard sponge ball is for continual use in Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems to prevent problems from occurring. If the standard sponge balls are continuously used, hard scale deposits will not occur on the tubes internal diameter.
  • The abrasive sponge balls are only for extremely fouled or difficult deposits in metal tubes. They are NOT to be used continuously in the tubes.

Pictured: Standard Ball, Ring Coated Carborundum Ball, Totally Coated Carborundum Ball

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