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Tube Sheet Hole Brush

Tube Sheet Hole Brush

Tube Sheet Hole Brushes are used to clean, deburr, and polish tube sheet holes before new tubes are installed. Available for tube sheets 3/8" - 4".  We can supply brushes in steel or stainless steel, single or double spiral brush.

Tube OD inch Tube OD mm Steel Brush Part Number Stainless Steel Brush Part Number
1/2" 12.7 TSHB-500 TSHB-500-SS
5/8" 15.87 TSHB-625 TSHB-625-SS
3/4" 19.05 TSHB-750 TSHB-750-SS
7/8" 22.22 TSHB-875 TSHB-875-SS
1" 25.4 TSHB-1000 TSHB-1000-SS