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VLD3 Vacuum Leak Detector

VLD3 Vacuum Leak Detector

The VLD3 is our newest model in our vacuum leak detector series. Our vacuum leak detector is a quick and accurate test instrument used to find leaky tubes in heat exchangers, chillers, boilers, condensers, pipes, and all other tubular apparatus’. This simple yet effective test instrument is currently used by manufacturers, service crews, industry professionals and first time users alike. Operation and set up is quick and easy, only requiring one man to test an entire bundle; saving time and money.

VLD3 Vacuum Leak Detector includes:

VLD3 Leak Detector, Vacuum Gauge, Filter, Nozzle, 12” Extension, 6 Snap Plugs, 6 Tapered Rubber Plugs, and a Carrying Case



  • One person does the job in seconds
  • Tapered nozzles and tapered rubber plugs allow an operator to test a range of tubes without needing additional equipment.
  • Test tubes from 1/4” to 3” OD
  • Easy to read vacuum gauge.
  • Lightweight, reducing operator fatigue.
  • Sleek design allows for tight and confined spaces. (Can fit when tight spaces are a concern)


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To Use the Vacuum Leak Detector:

Simply seal the far end of the tubes with a rubber tube plug. Push the rubber nozzle into the near end of the tube. Press the trigger to initiate the compressed air flow through the leak detector creating a vacuum in the tube. If the tube does not hold vacuum the tube has a leak and can be marked for further tube plugging. Larger leaks will show up as larger decreases in vacuum.