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VLD3K Tube Leak Detector Kit

VLD3K Tube Leak Detector Kit

The VLD3 Vacuum Leak Detector is a simple, quick, and accurate test for finding leaking tubes. This efficient tool is currently used by manufacturers and service crews of condensers, heat exchangers, and other tubular apparatus.

The VLD3K only requires one person to operate and can find a leaking tube in seconds. This kit conveniently provides the tool needed to test a wide range of tube sizes.


VLD3K Tube Leak Detector Kit consists of:

VLD3 Leak Detector, Vacuum gauge, Filter, Nozzle, 3 additional sized Nozzles, 12" Extension, T-Handle with plug, 3 additional sized T-Handle Plugs, 6 Snap plugs, 250 Tapered rubber plugs, and a Carrying case.